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The HLL RUSSIAN artillery update is LIVE!

The GOD-1 works with Hell Let Loose, Post Scriptum and Squad. Click the "SWITCH" to change factions and games.


The "Time to Target" for an artillery round is 25 secs. 

Artillery has a max spread of 3 to 5 meters

Each grid is 200 meters by 200 meters square.

It takes 50 secs to cross a grid while running.

If crouched, it takes 60 secs to cross a grid.

HE rounds cost 3 munitions. Smoke cost 5 munitions.



Click the "SWITCH" to calculate arty for the Russian faction in HLL

This calculator can also be used for SQUAD and Post Scriptum (PSM).

Just click the SWITCH!


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This calculator is tested frequently to ensure up-to-date, pin-point accuracy.

To limit friendly-fire arty kills and devastate the enemy...

...then drop it everywhere.

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