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Are you a cool, charismatic streamer that enjoys Hell Let Loose as much as we do? If so, don't worry about the number of followers you have. A large following is a definitely plus, but we want partners that enjoy HLL and want to see the game succeed. 

Welcome Streamers

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Unaffiliated streamers PREFERRED 

Partnership Notes

Though we prefer "unaffiliated" streamers, affiliation is not a deal-breaker. If you belong to a clan, team or camp, you can still be included in the HLLTC's list of streamers. In fact, if your team has more than one streamer, we will happily build a team channel for you and your streaming teammates. We are creating this list and providing free promotional placement on the official website of the HLLTC as a way of maximizing players' experience of the game. All we ask is that you give an occasional shout-out to the HLLTC as a partner and friend.


- you have all the necessary equipment to stream

- HLL is on your weekly gaming schedule

- you have at least 50 followers

- you are a non-toxic gamer

- you are friendly and inclusive as a rule

  (exceptions below for streamers represented by recruiters)

- you are an HLLTC HQ member in good standing

- you are an HLLTC Discord member in good standing

Affiliated Streamers

Affiliated HLL streamers are more than welcomed. However, affiliated streamers must have a top teams RECRUITER in the HLL Training Camp. 

Learn more about
RECRUITERS here in camp.


Please note that the HLLTC is a 16+ community. We ask that you keep your show friendly, inclusive, free of hate speech, and free of vulgar or morbid imagery and language. 


The HLLTC is strictly pro-game, pro-development team, and pro wider HLL community. The HLLTC is an HLL community-building organization. Our disposition towards the game is outlined in our training camp policy. The HLLTC will only terminate a streaming partnership in the event a partnered streamer has broken one of our camp rules or "zero-tolerance" policies. Infractions are investigated and partnerships maintained or dissolved on a case-by-case basis.

Our goal is to make Hell Let Loose the best online gaming community in the world. 

See you on the battlefield.


Let's Connect

Please include the day(s), time(s), and timezone you typically play HLL in the comment portion of the form below (if available). By submitting this form, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined above as well as those linked. Please also provide any additional links you might have (YouTube, Twitter, personal website, etc). If you have any questions about our policies or worry you might not fit in here at the HLLTC, please DM GOD-sSs-END via our official Discord. We will figure something out and get you squared away.


 The HLLTC has some of the best players in HLL.

It truly is an amazing community of friends and partners.

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