The HLLTC ranks and roles system is unique in online gaming. Based on ancient Roman military tradition, the system is designed to service a wide variety of games across many genres and distribute the responsibilities of camp. The colored badges next to each rank below represent the rank's role color in the official HLLTC Discord server. In order of rank, the colors are steel for MEMBERS, rose for DEMIGODS, red for GODSQUAD and GS OPTIO, purple for OFFICERS, gold for ADMINS, and green for top teams RECRUITERS. A number of footnotes are provided to detail the historical significance of each rank/role's color. 


As a Hell Let Loose Training Camp (HLLTC) MEMBER, you agree 100-percent to the rules, regulations, and expectations outlined in camp policy. Those identified as "MEMBERS" are comprised of (but not limited to) the following players:


1) New HLL players

2) Unaffiliated HLL veterans

3) Team-affiliated HLL players


Privileges provided HLLTC MEMBERS:


1) may read and post in select Discord channels

2) may post links, files, emojis in select Discord channels

3) may join and speak in select Discord chat channels

4) may access select pages on the HLLTC's official website

5) may attend all public HLLTC seminars and training events
6) may participate in organized, competitive events (invite only)

Starter tips for new MEMBERS:

1) Don't be shy. 
We game in "PTT" channels. If you see players in PTT, join us.

2) Prior to joining a PTT, check #current-servers to see where we are playing.

3) Upon joining a PTT, set a PTT button and follow COMMs Etiquette.

To set a PTT button and learn about COMMs Etiquette, click here.

4) If you want to team up for a game, post in #team-up-requests.

5) Looking for training? Check out the #training-requests channel. 


New players and unaffiliated HLL veterans are strongly encouraged to join a team. HLL is best played with friends. Though the HLLTC has its own team, we encourage all members to review our #top-teams channel on Discord to learn about some of the other amazing HLL teams we call friends. 


Also, check out #announcements to get caught up on what this camp has done and is doing. If you have any questions about anything here in camp, post your question in #general. Someone will help you. If you want to learn more about a specific top team, would like to buddy-up with a top-teams' member for a game or for training, or are interested in a top-teams' camp tour, contact your local recruiter today. Recruiters are available in Discord in the roles panel on the right and are identified in green.

Hell Let Loose Training Camp (HLLTC) medalion logo

The recording of public Training Camp seminars and training events is strictly prohibited. The HLLTC records these events and makes the resulting media available to the public. HLLTC members work hard to produce the content for these events. The content (and all resulting media) is copyrighted. It is the duty of every member to report unauthorized use. The HLLTC will pursue copyright infringement to the fullest extent of the law and seek the maximum penalties/damages available for each instance of infringement.


By continuing as a"MEMBER" of the HLLTC (here on the official HLLTC website and in the official HLLTC Discord), you agree to the terms and conditions described. If for whatever reason you do not agree to these terms and conditions set forth here, please leave this site and subsequently leave the HLLTC's official Discord.

HLLTC 2020 © Copyright - All Rights Reserved


Those who are consistently active in camp and in-game and/or have shown themselves to be technically advanced players and of good, positive character. The role of "DEMIGOD" is open to all unaffiliated members. Candidates are largely identified by GODSQUAD and above. Membership is decided by unanimous decision of OPTIO and above. Promotion to DEMIGODS is handled by HLL Training Camp OFFICERS and is invite-only. Special considerations are available upon request. Candidates for DEMIGOD are identified by the following characteristics:


1) You are active in the HLLTC's official Discord

2) You team up for games regularly

3) You are a positive (non-toxic) player

4) You understand and uphold camp policy

5) You learn and share camp knowledge

6) You consistently bring your "A"game


Privileges provided DEMIGOD members:


1) All previous privileges

2) Access to basic META and War College materials

3) Priority over MEMBERS for organized matches

4) Access to #demis private text channel

5) Passkey priority for private and special events

Please note that  the ranks DEMIGODS and above are open to unaffiliated players only. If any HLLTC member ranked DEMIGOD or above joins another HLL team, it is important that they contact a camp OFFICER and let us know. We understand that other teams might suit some players better, and we encourage everyone to seek the game that provides them the best experience of Hell Let Loose. DEMIGOD and above are reserved for those dedicated to the HLLTC way.


Those inducted into GODSQUAD have proven themselves strongly aligned with the ethos and aims of the HLLTC and have been recognized by HLLTC OFFICERS and/or OPTIO as "excellent" both in camp and in-game. GODSQUAD is the backbone of the HLLTC and is reserved for HLL enthusiasts who play Hell Let Loose "regularly" (at least three matches per week) and contribute weekly to the running dialogue in the text channels of the camp's official Discord server. GODSQUAD is open to DEMIGODS and is strictly invite-only. Membership requirements are as follows:


1) HLL is among your most-played games

2) You participate in camp team play

3) You are reliably active in the camp's Discord

4) You occasionally organize units for team play

5) You assist OPTIO in managing GS and below

6) You promote higher gameplay and good sportsmanship

7) You never stoop to negativity


Privileges provided GODSQUAD members:


1) All previous privileges

2) Access to #gods private text channel

3) Access to GODs private voice channel

4) Highest priority for organized events

5) You look after DEMIGODS and MEMBERS

6) May suggestion MEMBERS and DEMIGODS for promotion

7) Training Channel "move" and "priority speak"

Unlike DEMIGODS, GODSQUAD membership is not permanent. Membership in GODSQUAD is based on activity in Discord and frequency of play. If a member's Discord activity and frequency of play drop off for a period of one month without notice or explanation, the member may be "bumped" to DEMIGODS. This "bump" is not a punishment. The system is designed to ensure the HLLTC has a reliable, practiced player base (i.e. "bench") for competitive matches. Bumped members are eligible for promotion to GODSQUAD upon, again, meeting rank requirements.


GS "OPTIO" is an "[OPT]" tag-wearing member of GODSQUAD and represents the first and perhaps the most important of HLLTC leadership roles. In Roman tradition, the OPTIO were the equivalent of first sergeants. As an OPTIO, you understand this camp's ethos and are dedicated to its aims. You exhibit a strong sense of community and may be asked by leadership to help develop camp policy/infrastructure. You are also the OFFICER's right hand. OPTIO are responsible for managing GODSQUAD and below and for maintaining order in camp via adherence to camp policy in a tempered, contemplative manner. Key characteristics of an OPTIO are as follows:


1) You are a true HLLTC professional

2) You know the game and camp inside and out

3) You ensure members follow camp policy

4) You are up-to-date on camp resources and direct accordingly

5) You look after GODSQUAD/DEMIGODS and manage units

6) You assist and/or take over for officers when needed

7) You suggest DG, GS, and GS OPTIO candidates for promotion

8) You encourage and maintain a positive camp atmosphere

Privileges provided GODSQUAD OPTIO members:


1) All previous privileges

2) Access to #optio private text channel

3) Access to The War Room

4) May post in the HLLTC's META Library

5) Promotions suggestions/vote for DG and GS


HELL LET LOOSE Training Camp "OFFICERS" are "[GOD]" tag-wearing GODSQUAD members. As a tag-wearing member of the HLLTC, you are the direct representative and may function as an extension of this camp, its ethos, and its aims. You are a role model to all but especially to OPTIO. As an HLLTC officer, you are not just held to a higher standard; you ARE the standard and shall act according at all times, everywhere. You may also participate and/or be placed in charge of various aspects of the HLLTC, may contribute ideas for its growth and success, and are expected to vote on key items or issues concerning the health, safety, and direction of this camp.


1) You act and speak in a professional/dignified manner at all times

2) You provide oversight and direction for OPTIO (and below as necessary)

3) You suggest and vote on GS, DG, DG OPTIO, and OFFICER promotions

4) You assist ADMINS, other OFFICERS, and OPTIO when needed

5) You attend weekly leadership meetings (as needed and when available)

6) You are dedicated to a positive camp/gaming experience

7) You handle the HLLTC day-to-day and elevate major issues to ADMINS


Powers and privileges vested in you as an HLL Training Camp OFFICER:


1) All previous privileges

2) Exclusive access to the private #officers text channel

3) VOICE (mute, deafen, move, priority speak)

4) Kick powers (see "Offense Response and Appeals")

5) May post in the camp's Scrapbook channel

6) May organize camp events and units for said events

7) You have GODSQUAD and DEMIGOD promotional powers

8) You have the power to assign passkeys and other roles


Camp "ADMINS" represent the highest level of trust and fidelity possible in the HLLTC online gaming community. ADMINS work as a team, largely behind the scenes, each with their own specific tasks and specialties, to cultivate and expand upon our enjoyment of the games we play and to create new opportunities for this camp and its members. Camp admins assist in crafting camp policy, develop and maintain camp infrastructure, solidify and safeguard inter-team partnerships, may act as liaisons to HLL proper and/or other game developers, may develop sponsors, and serve as chief stewards and defenders of camp culture. As an ADMIN, you are a bastion of the HLLTC way. Characteristics and responsibilities of an HLLTC ADMIN are as follows:

1) Protects, maintains and propagates camp identify

2) Organizes and facilitates community events

3) Suggests and votes on camp policy/infrastructure

4) Assists in defining and realizing camp objectives

5) Continuously strives for the ideal in online interactions

6) Exhibits the highest level of consistency of right behavior

7) Is a rock of encouragement and faith in what this camp does

Powers and privileges vested in you as an HLL Training Camp ADMIN:

The powers and privileges vested in ADMINS are highly compartmentalized. At this level of organization, a sophisticated separation-of-powers model is in place. This model is constantly adapting but tempered by a calculated hierarchy. That said, ADMINS are afforded every courtesy and leeway with respect to private ambitions, and their interests are supported in good faith with the fewest possible limitations set by the Training Camp Architect (GOD-sSs-END). This model is designed to realize a singular vision for this camp, which is to make the HLLTC and, by extension, the wider HLL community the best online gaming community in the world. 

Other positions associated with the ADMINS rank/role are as follows:



The details and responsibilities of the CAMP COMMANDER and TRAINING CAMP ARCHITECT are CLASSIFIED. The duties and operational purview of either are privileged information known only to ADMINS and select members of OFFICERS and OPTIO and are related to camp policy, overall  HLLTC objectives, and the development and deployment of supporting infrastructure.

Index and Promotions

Though it takes time, climbing the ranks and roles in the HLLTC is easy. Any unaffiliated member is eligible for promotion. All we ask is that you are friendly, positive, and committed to the game, our ethos and aims. Additional details for each rank/role are provided on the left. Use the links below to navigate:

Standard MEMBERS only see and have access to a small portion of camp. The word "camp" refers to the official HLLTC website and the official HLLTC Discord. The higher you climb, the greater your access to both.

Promotion in the HLLTC rank/role system is merit-based and conditional on candidates satisfying a two-part time and camp activity requirement. The cooler you are and the more you play/interact with us, the higher you go.

The HLLTC has deployed and tested several organizational systems. The current system, described above, is by far the most stable and effective. Our chief concern is to protect the camp and its members from fly-by-night ambitions. If you love the HLLTC and are interested in becoming a bigger part of what we do here, we welcome you. But be advised.: serious candidates ONLY.

Discord is a popular third-party text/voice chat utility used by gamers and gaming communities around the world to connect with other players and organize events. Discord is an essential HLLTC tool.

STEEL for MEMBERS represents the biting edge of the "gladius" or Roman sword, that when polished would gleam in the sunlight. The color embodies the HLLTC's mission to raise the level of gameplay for the wider HLL community through training.

ROSE is for DEMIGODS has deep historical significance. In Roman military tradition, the rose symbolized propitiation, or the adapting of oneself to a way of being that sets a person apart from the rest. Rose is also the color of first blood, the color of the initiated.

RED is a symbol of GODSQUAD and GS OPTIO dedication. The color harks back to the time of the Romans and the Greeks before them. Red is and has always been synonymous with the warrior's spirit, and remains to this day a badge of honor, duty, and sacrifice. 

PURPLE for OFFICERS is a symbol of elevation and tremendous respect. In Roman times, purple was reserved for the distinguished among the elite. The color reflects the extraordinary trust, responsibility, and powers invested in those members so appointed.

GOLD for ADMINS represents the "laurel," which in Roman times was used to crown the triumphant and/or acknowledge remarkable achievements, typically with respect for military victories. Gold is a singular symbol of commitment, faith, and renown.

GREEN for RECRUITERS is a symbol of vitality, fertility, and by natural consequence growth and, like the color red, harks back to a time before the Romans. For cultures around the world and throughout history, green has always been the color of promise.

Insignia are used to distinguish positions within ranks. An insignia is a emblem placed in the center of a colored badge. Note the difference between the badges below. The first badge is for GODSQUAD and has no insignia. The second badge identifies GS OPTIO, which has an insignia.


The GODSQUAD OPTIO insignia is inspired by the original feathered helmet crest of the ancient Roman equivalent of today's U.S. army first sergeant. An important part of Roman military regalia, the crest (worn broadside or ear-to-ear on top of the helmet) helped distinguish these important leaders on the battlefield. The feathered plume was an object of great pride and has been reintroduced into the HLLTC's rank/roles system for the same purpose. 


The laurel and North Star insignia distinguishes the unique position of CAMP COMMANDER from other administrative positions. The laurel symbolizes triumph in conquest. The North Star symbolizes illumination and surety with respect to direction and aim. Stars abound in ancient Roman traditions, but the laurel is easily the most recognizable symbol of the Romans.


The square and compass combined creates perhaps the most iconic symbol relating to architecture and organization. The symbol's origins are ancient, and this classic image remains to this day a potent clue that there is more to the world than meets the eye, and that much of its meaning is embedded in multilayered design and order, steeped in reverence. The insignia distinguishes the unique position of Training Camp Architect from other administrative positions.

Several additional ranks exist but have yet to be deployed. These ranks are distinguished by insignia and slated for use once the camp meets specific staff numbers These numbers are CLASSIFIED. 

Use this form to request clarification, make comments, suggestions, or to resign a rank or role. All personal information provided via this form is kept 100 percent confidential.


Life happens and players' circumstances and availability change all the time. If you feel you must resign a position here in camp, we will take care of you. You may choose any lower rank/role that suits you better. If resigning a rank/role, please include the rank/role to which you prefer to be bumped, and that is the position you will be provided. At anytime, you may work your way back into any position.


Ranks and Roles



ALREADY HAVE A CAMP? Become a . . .


Image provided courtesy of A Slooth (HLLTC member)

This camp services all teams in a fair and balanced way. To that end, recruiters MAY NOT directly pursue trainees. Understand, not all trainees are new players or unaffiliated vets. Many trainees are team-affiliated veterans simply looking to hone their skills or expand their knowledge of the game. The recruiter's role is largely a team-profile-elevating position. Recruiters high placement in the HLLTC roles panel advertises your camp and makes your team more recognizable.

Eligible trainees interested in joining an HLL top team are advised at EVERY OPPORTUNITY to review the
#top-teams channel and contact the recruiter(s) of their choice to learn more about their camps and/or schedule a tour. They may also contact recruiters to train or simply buddy-up for a game. As this camp grows, your visibility in the role of "RECRUITERS" will be most important.

Privileges and perks provided Top Teams via their RECRUITERS:


1) Inclusion in select HLLTC video projects (FREE PROMOTION)

2) Inclusion in other camp infrastructure (like our "twitch channels")
3) Possible support for events organized by your camp

4) Exclusive posting in #top-teams-events

5) Inclusion in HLLTC expansion projects (FREE PROMOTION)

Please, NO SPAMMING special events. The no-spamming policy maintains cohesion and friendly cooperation between teams. If you have an upcoming team event, the #top-teams-events channel is for you. Recruiters may post videos, graphics, links, etc (one post per event or program). If your camp is hosting an event in its Discord, recruiters may periodically drop notes about their events or programs in the #general chat, but must point players to #top-teams-events for details, links, etc. The HLLTC encourages camps to post their Discord links along with their events and programs.

The health, well-being, and growth of the wider HLL gaming community is a human endeavor. As such, real relationships are everything. This program is specifically designed to develop the highest level of inter-team cooperation. Recruiter activity in camp is not required, but said activity does contribute to the likelihood of being included in HLLTC projects. The simple fact is, we are all real people behind the quirky names and fun avatars. The more "real" you are with us, the closer we get and the more likely we are to do great things together..

Only one recruiter slot is available per team. We recommend slotting the most active player or a player willing to remain online to ensure the highest visibility. If you would like to represent your team as a recruiter, contact GOD-sSs-END. Restrictions do apply [CLASSIFIED] and recruiter slots are granted on a case-by-case basis. The following information and materials are required for consideration:


1) Must have an HLL gaming server

2) Must have a team discord

3) Must have a team logo

4) Must have a team tag

5) Must have 24+ active members

Logo Upload
Max size 15MB. . .




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