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What Most Gaming Communities Don't Know About Discord

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Ever wonder why your Discord community can't be found online? If you're like most game communities, you probably haven't reached Discord's "discoverability" threshold of 10,000 members. But it's not that. It's actually something else entirely (see graphic).

Even if you had thousands of Discord members posting the world's best content 24 hours a day for ten years, not one post would show up in search results. It's not Discord's fault, of course. It's just the way services like Discord work. But there is an easy fix. Even a free one-page website with minimal text and images will make your gaming community searchable online. Once published, it takes about a week. Here are a few other things a site can do for your community: 1) polished, professional look

2) builds/communicates your brand

3) give you a competitive edge

4) recruits in a passive, focused way

5) lists services/donation portals

Professional Polish and Brand Communication The way you look online says a lot about your community. If you look sloppy or have no online presence at all, people notice. The chances that they'll then stick around is not great. A clean, simple website with a few pro images is all you need.

If your community plays Hell Let Loose, visit the HLLTC FREE Media Dump and download some content. The dump is there to help. As far as your brands go, a website is a branding machine. When people think about "brand," what typically comes to mind are logos. And they're right. But something needs to define what your logo actually means. Discord has a few spots that can help, but options limited. On the other hand, a website has virtually unlimited space to tell people who you are, what you do, and (most importantly) why you do it.

Competitive Edge and Passive Recruitment The "competitive edge" I'm talking about refers to the fact that most communities simply don't have a website. They rely on Discord entirely, and that's just no good. Only about 8 percent of all online gamers use or have ever heard about Discord. A gaming community without a site at a disadvantage for recruiting. A website puts you ahead of the game. That said, a website passively recruits new members to your gaming community. Once your website is published, people will begin to find you online, especially if you promote. If they like what they see, the may join you.

Passive recruiting refers to gaining community members without having to actively pursue players. Passive recruiting is the Holy Grail of online gaming.

What's beautiful about passive recruiting is that it is highly focused. What this means is that passively-recruited members are far more likely to agree with your rules of conduct and community goals. After all, these members supposedly read your site. When you actively pursue new members, you never know what you're going to get.

Team Services and Donation Portals If you use Discord to organize training, gaming sessions, and competitive events, these activities constitute team services, and your members need to know about them. This is especially true for potential members. A website is a great way to do that. Why not just do it in Discord? Again, everything you post on your site is searchable. If someone searches Google for a gaming community that competes in Hell Let Loose, for example, Google is likely to point that person to the HLL Training Camp or the HLLTC's YouTube channel, where we have posted some of our Cup VODs. If they like what they see, they're likely to join us. With respect to donation portals, your members need a way to contribute to the community. Even if you play only a few games and rent no servers, that doesn't matter. If your members like who you are and enjoy playing with you, they will want to help out. And contributing to your community financially is the easiest way to do that. So, give them a portal. You can do this on Discord, but it's so much easier on a website.

Important Final Notes The bottom line here is this. There is simply more to gain by having a website then there is by not having one. And the fact that you can build one easily and for FREE is a major bonus. By "FREE," I do mean free for life if all you need is a basic site. But even a basic site can be incredibly effective. Let me show you what I mean, and then help you build one.

This video was created by GOD-sSs-END from the Hell Let Loose Training Camp. This video is not sponsored by the platform presented. It is a passion project. An outline of the content in this video, complete with timestamps, is available in the description on YouTube along with affiliate links for the services and tools used in the making of this video. You can help keep content like this coming by liking the video and subscribing to the channel. More is coming. And please share this content with those it can help.

Discord is great for organizing your team for training, gaming session, events, and the like, but nothing posted in Discord is searchable online. Build a basic website for your team. Even a one-page website can help people find your community online.

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