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Universal Artillery Tactic for Hell Let Loose and Other Mil-Sim Games

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Combined with GODHAC (the best HLL artillery calculator), the "Ground and Pound" artillery tactic is a simple, proven approach to knocking out enemy concentrations.

Ground and Pound is a combined-arms tactic that uses infantry and/or armor suppression to pin an enemy down for destruction by artillery. It is used to destroy enemy concentrations, determined or “stubborn” small enemy units, and/or fortified heavy-weapons’ positions (supported MG, AT guns, etc.). It may also be used against tanks when stationary. This tactic is designed to keep friendly costs (lives and, therefore, manpower) low while inflicting the maximum amount of damage on the enemy in the shortest amount of time.

An effective artillery team must be designated and already in place to service your call for fire requests.

Tactic Details

When engaging known enemy concentrations (detailed above), infantry and/or armor “pins” the enemy to their location with the highest possible rates of fire. Friendly forces then split. One element maneuvers from the supporting element to control the enemy from a second kill/suppression angle. This division of strength 1) creates a crossfire to restrict enemy movement further and 2) may be used to force the enemy to retreat or advance along predictable routes, into a secondary ambush or airstrike.

Once the enemy is effectively pinned (i.e. forced to the “ground” to take cover and/or find concealment), UOs (Unit Officers) mark the enemy position and call for a “measured” artillery strike (ex: “three HE on my mark”). To ensure accuracy, we have created the GOD-1 Hand-held Artillery Calculator (or "GODHAC").

After “rounds complete,” the maneuvering element assaults the enemy position using smoke and covering fire. Upon successful assault, the supporting element either occupies the position with the assaulting force to consolidate gains or moves out to the original or a secondary objective with the maneuvering element following as recommended in authentic WW2 documentation for squad-sized (12-man combined-half squad or “power squad”) movements.

As suggested above, this tactic may be used in conjunction with air support. However, artillery strikes can be deployed more quickly and cost fewer resources.

Check out the original HLLTC artillery guide. Much about the game has changed since the creation of this HLL tutorial, but the basic principles are still good.

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Use HLL artillery to save the lives of your teammates and to save resources for your commander in Hell Let loose. It takes a little teamwork, but even a little teamwork can turn a losing game into a win.

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