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Hell Let Loose Points System (HLL XP Guide)

Updated: May 25

We all know that Hell Let Loose is not about the points. HLL is about teamwork and getting a chance to experience, however remotely, what it might have been like battling over the fate of the world in WW2. But here's the thing: in Hell Let Loose, points get you perks. What's more, the developers of Hell Let Loose devised a points system that goes about as far as any game can to preserving those other, higher aspects of the game. So, let's talk points. There are eight ways to earn points in Hell Let Loose. Points are earned for gameplay, support effectiveness, defense effectiveness, offense effectiveness, combat effectiveness; there is also a time bonus, a match bonus, and you can earn points for commendations awarded to you by other players on your team. Points are tallied as follows:

Gameplay Points

Gameplay is the total number of points you earn as an individual. Gameplay is calculated by adding together the points you earned for each of the effectiveness categories (gameplay = combat + offense + defense + support).

These effectiveness icons are located at the top of the screen in the points panel in-game. Press the "Tab" button on your keyboard anytime to see your effectiveness scores.

Support Points

Support points are earned for using special items and functions. For example, dropping an ammo box as a rifleman will earn you 5 points. Dropping bombs as a commander is worth 100 points. Here is a list of support points available for each role.

Be advised: any soldier may bandage a hurt teammate for 3 support points. Extra bandages may be found in ammo boxes. Soldiers may take bandages only once per box.

Offense and Defense Points

Points earned for offense and defense effectiveness are based on time. For every minute you remain active in enemy territory, you earn 10 offense points. For every minute you remain active in friendly territory, you earn 10 defense points.

Soldiers do not earn points while incapacitated. To earn either offense or defense points, you must remain "on your feet" in the respective territories.

Combat Points

Combat effectiveness points are earned by killing enemy soldiers, destroying enemy tanks and enemy AT guns. Each type of enemy soldier killed and each type of enemy tank destroyed is worth a different amount. Here is a breakdown of combat points.

Time, Match, and Commendation Bonus Points

A time bonus of 5 points is earned for each minute you spend in-game. A total of 450 points are available per match for each full 90-minute game.

A match bonus of +50 percent is awarded to each member of the match-winning team. A match bonus of +25 percent is awarded to each member of the match-losing team.

Finally, a commendation bonus of +10 percent may be added to your overall score at the end of a match. Commendations are awarded to you by your teammates for exceptional performance in-game. Any member of your team (not just those in your squad) may award you a commendation. Each teammate may award one commendation. The window to award a commendation is brief, and commendations may only be awarded at the end of a match after the Victory/Defeat screen and before points are totaled. Note the following graphic:

At the end of a match, these icons will appear in the points panel next to your name and the names of your teammates. Instead of "1," you will see a "0" in each of the boxes. Click inside the box, and a number will appear. The number indicates how many commendations you have received. Each commendation is worth +10 percent.



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