Training Camp Rules

1) Be kind

2) Be patient

3) Lead by example

Here at the HLLTC, we work tirelessly to ensure a healthy, happy, purpose-driven online gaming community. It is the duty of every HLLTC member to uphold these rules and policies, not just here in camp and on the HLLTC Discord and in game but everywhere we roam.

Helpful Extras

1) Have a Microphone


Hell Let Loose is a team-oriented FPS/RTS battle simulator. Though there is a text option in-game, your experience of Hell Let Loose will be maximized many times over by using a microphone to communicate. However, a microphone is NOT mandatory to join this camp. It is merely recommended.


2) Connect Steam to Your Discord


With your Steam account connected to Discord, camp members can see when you are playing Hell Let Loose. When HLLTC members see that you are playing, they will invite you to team up with them.


To connect your accounts, click the gear icon next to your name, and then click "Connections." In the "CONNECT YOUR ACCOUNTS" panel, you will see the Steam logo in the available connections list. Click on the Steam logo and input your Steam username and password. Then click "Sign in." Discord will automatically connect the two accounts.

W strongly encourage the use of headphones while playing Hell Let Loose and/or hanging out in the official HLLTC Discord. Firstly, there are audio nuances in-game that can only be appreciated through headphones, the perception of which may improve your overall gameplay.  More importantly, the HLLTC is all about respecting others, not just here in-game and in Discord, but in the real world. Let's help keep the peace. Put on your "ears" and immerse with us.

Zero-tolerance Policies

1) No Dev bashing


Like this training camp, Hell Let Loose is presently a work in progress. That said, there are certainly issues. However, this is NOT the place to air gripes, private grievances, or one's personal displeasure with aspects of the game or its developers. If a camp member has a complaint, feature suggestion, or technical issue that needs addressing, direct them to HLL Steam Support.

2) No Camp Program Slamming


The HLL training camp has a singular vision -- to elevate your gameplay through "authentic WW2" combat fundamentals, adapted to suit Hell let Loose. Moreover, this camp is explicitly community-focused. Our training program is specially designed to connect players through the training, using a carefully constructed building-block approach, modified by open-course selection. Choose your own path.

3) No PDC - "Public Displays of Conflict"


Public displays of conflict in any form are not tolerated in this camp. Differences of opinion are inevitable, and text comms are notoriously vulnerable to misunderstandings. If a conflict arises, take it to "The Octagon" voice channel in the HLLTC Discord, and follow the "CAMP RULES" outline above. Those ordered to go to "The Octagon" by a camp superior must do so. If the conflict persists, contact an admin or myself, GOD-sSs-END. All parties will be given passkeys to "The War Room" on Discord for mediation. 

Let Us Know if We Forgot Anything?

We love feedback and appreciate suggestions. Your input helps us adapt, grow, and better serve our community. Use this form and lend us a hand.

HLLTC Discord Rules

Discord is a popular third-party text/voice communications app. The HLLTC uses Discord to organize gaming sessions, training, and special events. Here are the rules:

1) Respect Everyone

2) Keep it PG-13

3) Use In-game COMMS during Matches

The Hell Let Loose Training Camp is a 16+ online gaming community. Excessive profanity is seriously frowned upon. Pornography, the posting of morbid or grotesque imagery, and posts deemed hate media will result in an immediate ban from the HLLTC.

It is the duty of every HLLTC member to uphold camp policy. Any HLLTC member may report an offense, regardless of their rank or role or the rank or role of the alleged offender. Reports are investigated and, if verified, warnings are issued for first-time offenses. Upon repeat offense (non-specific with respect to camp rules or zero-tolerance policies), a verbal warning is issued. Upon third offense, a "kick" from camp is initiated. 


Returning to camp without submitting a kick appeal and subsequently receiving an official decision regarding readmission to the HLLTC will result in a permanent ban.

Use this form to appeal a kick (or ban) from the HLLTC. Information provided in this form is kept confidential. Appeals are decided upon promptly (within 48 hours). 

Appeals are decided on by camp leadership via a 2/3rd-majority vote. Favorable decisions are based on seriousness of the offense, the sincerity of the appeal, and the offender's willingness to change (i.e., recommit and adhere to camp policy). 


Please note that all leadership decisions are final. Follow-up appeals are discarded unread by our automated mail system.


Training Camp Policy



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