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Their journey to first place is one of the greatest comeback stories so far seen in HLL competitive gaming. Though the combined forces of Easy Company 506th PIR and the 20th Panzergrenadiers got off to a tough start, these two amazing teams proved the theory that friendly competition and a unflinching cooperative spirit can not only build a community. It builds champions.

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Though the Cup favorites throughout, both the HLLTC SWORD and 82AD teams fell to the fantastic, come-from-behind fury of "EZPZ", as the combined force of Easy 506th and 20th PzG became known. However, if 12 teams battling over a period of 8 weeks showed us anything, it showed us that Hell Let Loose is a breeding ground of astonishing competitive powers.

Several community-building prizes are awarded to the 1st and 3rd place teams. HLLTC teams were not eligible for awards. Their battle was for pride alone. Cheers to both HLLTC SWORD and the 82 Airborne Division for an incredible season.


The Hell Le Loose Training Camp (HLLTC) congratulates the winners of the first ever HLL International Cup Tournament 2020. We would also like to thank all the participating teams for their trust and dedication. The Cup 2020 simply could not have happened without your faith and support. These amazing teams and their incredible leadership are, in grand partnership and cooperation, the reason HLL is on its way to being the best online gaming community in the world. We salute you all and look forward to the next Cup, Cup 2021.

Members of each team listed on the right supported Cup organizers in a wide variety of ways across 8 weeks of competitive games. From participating as match referees and Cup-cast announcers to providing promotional help and managing HLLTC competition servers, each team deserves tremendous credit. Because of these teams, many more competitions are now planned across HLL, and the community as a whole is now thriving as a result. 

Click any logo to learn more about these amazing teams.

Task Force Bravo Gaming Community
The Art of Warfare Gaming Community (TAW)
Turkish Ground Forces (TGF) Gaming Community
82nd Airborne Division (82AD) Gaming Community
Fighting Furies United Kingdom (UK) Gaming Community
101st Assault Division Gaming Community
Hell Let Loose Training Camp (HLLTC) Gaming Community
20th Panzergrenadiers Gaming Community
Easy Company 506th Parachute Infantry Division Gaming Community
7th Cavalry Gaming Community
509th Tactical Gaming Community
2nd Infantry Division Gaming Community

Teams were listed in random order using the HLLTC random selection tool. The HLLTC makes every effort to promote our friends and partners in a fair and balanced way. To learn more about us, click here.

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