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Welcome to the HLLTC game guides and tutorials library. Here you will find everything you need to elevate your gameplay and/or bring yourself up to speed on Hell Let Loose. This includes HLL tips, tricks, tactics, maps and battle plans, strategies, HLL apps, helpful graphics, as well as advanced Hell Let Loose META.

our Training Approach

Here at the HLLTC, we use a casual, self-guided, learn-as-you-fight approach to training. With thousands of visitors to the HLLTC each month, keeping things casual and self-guided is a must. However, to facilitate our learn-as-you-fight component, the HLLTC has several open gaming sessions a week, training seminars, and a wide assortment of training videos and blog articles, and more are being created every week. These amazing resources are below with sessions and seminars organized and conducted on the official Hell Let Loose Training Camp (HLLTC) Discord server.

Getting Started

HLL Getting Started - Game Orientation

HLL Getting Started - Jump, Vault, Climb
HLL Getting Started - COMMs Etiquette

HLL Getting Started - The HUD

HLL Getting Started - Map Modes

HLL Getting Started - The Points System (XP)

HLL Getting Started - Strongpoints and Sectors

Roles Guides

HLL Roles Guide - Rifleman

HLL Roles Guide - Medic

HLL Roles Guide - Support

HLL Roles Guide - Assault

HLL Roles Guide - Automatic Rifleman

HLL Roles Guide - Machine Gunner

HLL Roles Guide - Anti-tank

HLL Roles Guide - Engineer

HLL Roles Guide - Unit Officer

HLL Roles Guide - Sniper

HLL Roles Guide - Spotter

HLL Roles Guide - Crewman

HLL Roles Guide - Tank Commander

HLL Roles Guide - Commander

Tactics and Strategies

HLL Tactics and Strategies - Ground and Pound

HLL Tactics and Strategies - Power Squad Split Defense

Hell Let Loose Training Camp (HLLTC) medalion logo

A brand-new training format will be introduced very soon. With it, we will introduce a new set of guides and utilities as well. We are very excited for this project and look forward to the debut of our first publications. The links above will be populated over the next few months. Become a site member today and be the first to hear about new articles, videos, and all the amazing tools and utilities coming to the HLLTC HQ. It's going to be epic.

Also, thank you so much for your support. None of this would have possible without you and this amazing gaming community we love so much. What a great group.


HLL Training Camp Architect

HLL Game Info

Hell Let Loose (HLL) is the most realistic and immersive WW2 FPS/RTS game available to date. Exclusive to PC, the game features 50-v-50 platoon-size battles on large, open maps based on historic WW2 battlefields in Europe. Players may choose between a wide variety of combat roles, weapons, and specialty items. There is also a growing selection of tanks to play as well as an artillery battery. 






Black Matter Studios


Microsoft Windows

Online Multiplayer

June 6th, 2019 (EA on Steam)

Hell Let Loose is currently a work in progress. Aspects of the game (graphics, mechanics, options, etc.) will change as the game develops. 

Weapons and Special Items

High-res Game Maps

Online Gaming Articles


The GOD-1 Hand-held Artillery Calculator (GODHAC) is a web-based app designed to be used on your phone. Play the game and bring the heat with incredible accuracy without having to leave the screen. GODHAC can also be used to calculate the barrel angles for artillery in Post Scriptum and Squad. Just click the "switch" button.

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