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Online Content Production

+ Community Management

Baptized by Atari, I have been gaming since the beginning. I have been producing high-quality online content since high school. I am a proven leader and a visionary who lives to help realize dreams. Moreover, I love a challenge. In fact, the bigger and more sophisticated the challenge, the better. And I always shoot for the stars. A technically-minded social magnet with an eye for aesthetics, creating great content, and building an amazing online gaming community is what I was born to do.

Below you will find my education and work histories. I have included a few past projects that I believe are key to understanding me and what I can do for you. Thank you and enjoy.


This page talks about Game Community Management, but that's a vocational side benefit. My real passion is video editing/production. If you need a creative, highly-capable (remote) video editor, my creative range should impress you. I love editing video and putting sequences together, but there is literally nothing I can't do for you. 

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Several Military Specialties

Over three enlistments: Infantry Soldier, Avionics Radio Repair Tech, Combat Infantry Support Field IT Technician.

AS - Psychology

Earned an associate degree in General Studies with concentrations in Psychology and Creative Writing.

BA - Philosophy

Earned my bachelor's degree in Arts: Philosophy with concentrations in Truth, Ontology, and Expository Writing.

Custom Web Design

Designed, developed, and hosted sites. Included photography, image and video editing and recording, audio work, on-call service, site updates, etc.

Network Administrator

Developed and managed network architecture for US and Coalition forces. Included secure-clearance work, installation, configuration, etc.

+ Online Content Production

Seeds and cultivates online communities, produces all types of high-quality online content, and expertly conveys brand ideals.

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You never know how many lives you've reached until they reach back. Thank you so much, everyone.

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"I've only been a part of this community for a couple of weeks, but right from the start I could see that you have created and fostered a community like nothing I have seen online ever before. That is truly an amazing achievement, Sir."

- Telchar

Stats: 2400+ in Discord, 2800+ on YouTube, access to 10s of thousands as a pillar of the wider "Hell Let Loose" gaming community.

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What a Game Community Manager Can Do For You and Why That GCM "Must" Be Me

Written by David Allen Farrell

A game community manager's number-one job is to grow your online gaming community. They do this using a variety of integrated social media platforms, combined with data-collection tools that track player engagement. The aim of the GCM's resulting strategies and campaigns, however, is not just quantity but quality. And here's why.

It's no secret that online gaming communities can be tough places. Big-brand game developers continue to make headlines for the harsh or altogether-abusive behavior of a few bad apples rotting their player bases. Most experts agree that the causes of this "toxicity" in online gaming are unsurprising (Lapolla, 2020):


    the general discontent of our time

    the anonymity online personas afford players

    and the inherent difficulty of addressing such problems online


Whatever the causes, the booming video game industry is still only just getting started (GVS, 2020). As competition between brands heats up, public scrutiny of title cultures will intensify. At some point, the "quality" of the online gaming experience will decide the fates of indie start-ups and big-brand franchises alike.

Hire me as your game community manager, and I will establish, maintain, and expand an explicitly pro-dev, pro-game, pro-wider-community culture around your title(s) that is self-propagating to boot. Self-propagation is the root of organic growth in any industry but is absolutely vital to success in gaming.


What we're ultimately talking about here is return on investment. Hire me, and I will maximize your ROI, not just through the online culture(s) I create​, but by way of my many additional value-adding skills and experience:


    Adept at audio/video production

    Adept at motion graphics

    Adept at graphic design

   ● Adept at web design

   ● Highly-organized

   ● Meticulous

   ● Caring

   ● Fearless

   ● Innovative

   ● Intellectually agile

   ● Thrives under stress

   ● A proven real-world leader

   ● Excellent interpersonal skills

   ● Exceptional communication skills

   ● Aware of game-development principles

   ● Possess some game-development experience


This website is an example of my artistic sensibility, my prowess in design, as well as my technical depth. Every one of the sample projects was developed, organized, and produced by me. I invite you to have a look around.

Simply put, I love what I do. And I love the people I do it for. Best of all is that they love me back. If for whatever reason you decide not to hire me, don't also pass on the one thing that really makes a GCM great. As Joe Pishgar puts it, a great GCM is someone who can "fall in love with your community." 

Look around as you listen, and enjoy!