Online Content Production

+ Community Management

Baptized by Atari, I have been gaming since the beginning. I have been producing high-quality content since high school. I am a leader and a visionary who lives to realize dreams. Moreover, I love a challenge. In fact, the bigger and more sophisticated the challenge, the better. And I always shoot for the stars. A technically-minded social magnet with an eye for aesthetic, online content production combined with community management is what I was born to do.

Below you will find my education and work histories. I have included a few past projects that I believe are key to understanding me and what I can do for you. Thank you and enjoy.

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Several Military Specialties

Over three enlistments: Infantry Soldier, Avionics Radio Repair Tech, Combat Infantry Support Field IT Technician.


Earned an associate degree in General Studies with concentrations in Psychology and Creative Writing.


Earned my bachelor's degree in Arts: Philosophy with concentrations in Truth, Ontology, and Expository Writing.

Custom Web Design

Designed, developed, and hosted sites. Included photography, image and video editing and recording, audio work, on-call service, site updates, etc.

Network Administrator

Developed and managed network architecture for US and Coalition forces. Included secure-clearance work, installation, configuration, etc.

+ Community Manager

Produces industry-leading web content, tutorials, game promo videos, guides, support apps, promotes talent, manages events, and more.


Web-based apps and utilities are better than traditional apps. They can be developed for use by everyone without needing to license for specific phones. Built using GameMaker Studio, this app is HTML 5.

The GOD-1 Hand-held Artillery Calculator (GODHAC) is a web-based app for HLL.

Coding projects like "GODHAC" are very interesting to me. Though I am not a coder in the strictest sense of the title, I do enjoy coding projects. I love combining form and function, so to speak. Calculators like this are functionally simple, but in form is where the GODHAC excels. 

Fit for the times, every amazing thing I have accomplished was done entirely remotely.



With my deep design history and lifetime of leadership experience, I am ideal to head your game support teams. For the indie developer, there are few as multifaceted, dedicated, and ambitious as myself.

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