HLL International Cup Tournament


Description, Prizes, and Guidelines

The Hell Let Loose (HLL) International Cup tournament is an elite, small-teams (EST) competition that pits the top 18 players from participating camps against one another in a series of 30-minute, single-sector, infantry-only matches across several weeks of games. The goal of the competition is to hone infantry skills, advance gameplay META, while developing the wider HLL community. The first, second and third-place winners of this competition receive the following team-building prizes:

For 3rd Place

The 3rd-place prize is three HLL "battle buddy" game licenses. This prize includes third-slot premium placement on the Top Teams web page here on the HLLTC's official headquarters website. This placement persists until the winners of the next competition are awarded. 

2nd Place

The 2nd-place prize is two HLL "battle buddy" licenses. This prize includes second-slot-down premium placement on the Top Teams web page, which persists until the winners of the next competition are awarded. This prize also includes a major credit in the next video produced by GOD-sSs-END, complete with camp logo and links back to your camp in the description of the video on YouTube. 

1st Place

The 1st-place prize is one-month's server rental (courtesy of the 20th Panzergrenadiers) plus a short camp promotional video, produced by GOD-sSs-END for exclusive use on the winning team's website, YouTube or other media platform (see example below). Additionally, this prize includes one-month's premium placement on the home page of the HLLTC's HQ (website) with links back to the winner's website and/or official Discord server. This prize also includes the top slot on our HQ's top-teams page (TBD). This placement persists until the winners of the next competition are awarded. 

The HLL promotional video above is an example. The actual team promo video will be specific to the winning camp, will include team logos and member credits, and may include gameplay footage, screenshots, graphics and other team-related elements. A production plan will be provided the winning team. The HLLTC will organize and handle all aspects of production.

Tournament Rules

1) Team Composition Requirement

A team must be composed of players that are PART of (or "affiliated" with) that team (i.e. clan, group, or camp). New recruits are allowed to participate as long as they are distinctly affiliated with the participating team and no other team. Teams CANNOT invite members from other teams to fill slots for them. Additionally, temporary team memberships (memberships awarded solely for the purpose of fielding players for the competition) are not allowed.

The object of this rule is team growth. Most teams are comprised of two groups of players: dedicated team members and standard members. Standard members make up the majority of most teams. The HLLTC strongly encourages teams to reach to those in their membership base to forge new connections and develop new talent as opposed to simply relying on active members from other teams to fill their ranks. Relying on active members from other teams does not grow the wider Hell Let Loose community. Forging real connections with less active players through high-level gameplay with seasoned veterans does.

2) Player Max

Matches are CAPPED at 18 players per side. Each team is allowed "2" substitutes per match. Substitutes join the server and side their team is on but do not spawn in at all. Once a team uses up both of their substitutes, they are no longer allowed substitutes for any reason.


A substitute may only join a match when called in by a team captain. A substitute may be called in to cover a player that is performing poorly. A substitute may not be called in for a player that has been "kicked" for breaking a rule (see Sector Rules).

3) Minimum Players Required

The minimum players required for ANY match is 24 (12 players per side). If a match is scheduled for 9 pm. EST and a team has only ten players in the designated HLLTC Discord channel at 8:50 pm. EST ("match cutoff"), the team forfeits the match.

Teams must bring whatever numbers they have available. The HLLTC's match server is populated and sides are balanced once match cutoff has been reached. Teams will have the same number of players per side. The number of players per side is determined by the team that brought the fewest players.

Every effort must be made to bring the full compliment of 18 players to the match. Please keep in mind that this is a community-building endeavor, designed to help all teams involved.

4) Squad Compositions or Team Layouts

Each match must have the same team layout per side. Approved layouts for teams in this tournament are based on the number of players that show up per match. The approved team layouts are as follows:










2 squads of 6

2 squads of 4, 1 squad of 5

2 squads of 5, 1 squad of 4

3 squads of 5

2 squads of 5, 1 squad of 6

2 squads of 6, 1 squad of 5

3 squads of 6

Every effort has been made to keep tournament matches fair and balanced. Players may not change squads once the match begins. In the spirit of good sportsmanship and inter-team camaraderie, it is the duty of every member of every participating team to respect the requirements and adhere to the guidelines detailed here. 

Match Setup and Sector Rules

1) Match Setup


Using the HLLTC's random item selection tool, REFEREES will draw "two" maps for each GROUP STAGE no later than 3 hours prior to match start. Whichever approved strongpoint appears first will be used, unless the strongpoint was used in any of the previous week's matches for the group.

Prior to match start, selected strongpoint are half-capped. One referee will capture the neutral territory (if applicable) and begin capping the match strongpoint. The other referee will contest the cap as close to half-cap as possible. Upon match start, referees leave the sector when the first soldier on their side enters the sector.

Each team will have three BASE SPAWNS (garrisons) setup prior to the match by match referees. These garrisons are placed as close to 150 meters outside the sector, spaced between 190 to 200 meters apart. Based spawns are not to be destroyed under any circumstances by either team (see graphic on the right). Additional garrisons, OPs, and other builds may only be constructed inside the sector.

2) Sector Rules

Once the match has started and players have entered the sector of play (or "PLAY AREA"), players may not leave the sector for more than "10" seconds, which includes re-entering the team's "safe zone." The safe zone is the area between the base spawns and the play area. Any area outside the 2x2 grid in which the designated strongpoint for the match is located is OUT OF BOUNDS.

a. Players may spawn at base spawns at any point during the match and enter the play area from that spawn.

b. If a player goes out of bound for more than 10 seconds, that player will be kicked from the game without referee warning.

c. Kicked players may re-enter the match, but substitutes are not allowed to fill in for the kicked player while gone or if they fail to re-enter the match.

The boundary (or "kick") rule is designed to cultivate the highest level of combat situational awareness. The time it takes for a kicked player to re-enter the match is equivalent to time spent in a penalty box. In the event of a kick, referees will provide explanation for the kick but only after the match has concluded. To keep the match moving, no explanation will be given during a match.

3) Approved Maps and Strongpoints

The approved list of maps and strongpoints below has been thoroughly tested for balance and fairness over several weeks using 18v18 skirmishes.



Hürtgen Forest


Purple Heart Lane

Utah Beach

Hill 400


Jacob's Barn, Salient 42

Bizory-Foy Road

Madeline Bridge


Flak pits, Hill 400, Southern Approach,

Roer River House, Kirchweg

Hospice, Checkpoint, Artillery Battery,

Western Approach

HLLTC organizers used a mock tournament called "team skirmishes" to determine the viability of this competition format. The team skirmishes model fielded several in-house teams of 18, pitted against one another over several weeks of competition, under the supervision of an administrative pool. Exhaustive after-action reviews followed every match, and a general vote was held for the inclusion or rejection of each map and strongpoint. The rules of this competition were also tested.

Getting Started

All participants may use the HLLTC's Discord channels designated for this event. Players will be provided passkeys to make use of these channels. Regardless, HLLTC Discord membership must be maintained for the duration of the tournament for the sake of important notifications.


By joining the HLLTC Discord, you agree to the following rules and courtesies:

1) Respect Everyone

2) Keep it PG-13

3) Abide by the HLLTC's Camp Policy

The Hell Let Loose Training Camp is a 16+ online gaming community. Excessive profanity is seriously frowned upon. Pornography, the posting of morbid or grotesque imagery, and posts deemed hate media will result in an immediate ban from the HLLTC.


All matches will be played on a 2x2 grid on a map, centered around a balanced strongpoint. This is the "Play Area."


All matches are 30 minutes long from the command of "GO," with the exception of an overtime clock (described below).


Teams may spawn in on their base spawns once a start time has been chosen. Players must not move once spawned.


Match start time is agreed upon by the team captains after the setup for the match is completed.


One referee will countdown from 10 to start the match. On "GO," the match begins.


The match ends 30 minutes from match start. The match referee confirms the victor by taking a screenshot of the end screen.


If the strongpoint is "contested" at the end of 30 minutes (i.e., the attacking team is capturing or the progress bar reads "CONTESTED"), the match will continue into overtime. Referees will communicate overtime in command chat to their respective teams.


To ensure there are no issues, please continue to play at the end of a match until you hear confirmation from a match referee that the match has ended.


Overtime ends when either the attacking team has captured the sector or the defending team has stopped all capture progress in the sector.


The match winner is the team that holds the sector at the end of a match. 


This is an infantry-only tournament: no recon, no tanks, no artillery, no AT guns.


Teams may be supplies, garrisons, OPs, all engineer fortifications, and all nodes.


Commander abilities (supply drops) are used during setup only. Upon match start, commander abilities are off limits.


It is the responsibility of each team to defend their spawn points in the play area. If a team loses an OP or garrison in the play area, that team spawn from the base garrisons and fight its way back into the play area. There is no way to prevent spawn camping.

If a player breaks any of the above rules, the player will be kicked from the match. The kick is initiated by the referee for that team and is executed without warning. The kicked player may re-enter the match, but the kicked player's team may not call in a substitute for the kicked player. The time it takes for a kicked player to re-enter a match is the HLL equivalent of a "penalty box" stay. If the player fails to re-enter the match for any reason, the kicked player's team continues with the match absent the kicked player. 


This graphic is a visual representation of match setup. Note the placement of base spawns. Each team has three base spawns. Base spawns are placed prior to competing teams entering the server. Base spawns are set "on the lines," 150 meters from the designated play area, and between 190 to 200 meters apart or 10 meters in from the boundary lines (top and bottom) of each teams's safe zone.

Use the form below to inquire about or sign up your team for the next tournament. Teams must designate a POC and have at least 18 members able to participate.

Competition slots are awarded on a first-come first-served basis. Alternate slots are available. For questions about the HLLTC Cup Tournament, check out our  COMMUNITY EVENTS forum.


Pots and Groups, Seeding, Stages, Fairness

This elite, small-teams tournament (HLLEST) can accommodate 10 to 24 participating teams. Participating teams will be put into "pots," based on the team's geographic location. The pots are as follows:

Pot A

Pot B

Pot C






NA (2 host HLLTC teams)

Teams will be drawn into two groups, evenly, from these pots. These groups will be called "Group A" and "Group B". The teams will then be randomly seeded for scheduling once drawn.

The tournament will play out in two "group" stages.


The FIRST STAGE will be a single round robin with all the teams in a group playing each other one time. Given 12 teams (10 participant, 2 HLLTC), this format will take five weeks to complete, for a total of 30 matches. Each group will play fifteen matches (3 matches per week). Each team will play once per week.

To ensure that the tournament is fair and balanced for all teams, the first four weeks of this stage will allow each team to play both the allies and axis two times each.

The final week of "group stages" will have the sides for each team determined by coin flip. Ultimately, there are three possible results each week:





Loss (regulations)

Loss (overtime)

win in regulation play or overtime

loss in regulation play (30-min match)

loss during "overtime" play

OVERTIME PLAY begins when the 30-minute match time has expired while the assaulting team is either capping or contesting the point. A "win" is declared for the assaulting team when the assaulting team caps the point. A loss is declared for the assaulting team if progress on the cap is stopped and/or reversed.

There is no points system in this tournament format. In the event of a tie, there are four tie-breakers heading into the elimination brackets.


Head-to-head record against team(s) with whom you are tied. It is possible for three or more teams to negate this tiebreaker by beating each other in a circle.


Number of regulation losses. The team with fewer regulation losses wins the tiebreaker. It is possible for this tiebreaker to be negated due to identical loss records.


Strength of wins. Winning against a higher-ranked team in your group that your tied opponent cannot match will win the tiebreaker for your team.


The "play-in" tiebreaker. If somehow two teams are still tied (less than 1-percent possibility), they will play a play-in match to determine the winner.

To prevent the tournament from dragging on, play-in matches will be avoided as much as possible. However, tie-breaking via play-in match is left to the discretion of tied teams. If a tied team forgoes the play-in challenge, the team forfeits.

Hell Let Loose Training Camp (HLLTC) medalion logo

The HLL Cup Tournaments (aka Hell Let Loose  Elite Small-teams Tournament or "HLLEST") platform was created by Abinus (HLLTC member and Camp Commander) in cooperation with the entire HLLTC community for the expressed use of the Hell Let Loose Training Camp. This platform is intellectual property and, therefore, copyrighted. However, this platform is available for use by other clans/groups/teams/camps of the wider HLL community upon approval of written a request for use. Additionally,any and all content resulting from tournaments organized and conducted by the HLLTC are also copyrighted. It is the duty of every HLLTC member and HLLEST participant to report unauthorized use. The HLLTC will pursue copyright infringement to the fullest extent of the law and seek the maximum penalties/damages available for each offense.


By continuing as an HLLTC member and/or participant of the HLLEST, you agree to the terms and conditions described. If for whatever reason you do not agree to the terms and conditions set forth here, please contact an HLLEST (Cup) organizer (Abinus) via the official HLLTC Discord.

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Tournament Format

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