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Are you a "casual" gamer or committed to competitive, perhaps "pro" gameplay? If pro, wired components are believed to be ideal for gaming. If causal, there is a lot of flexibility with wireless as an option.

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In PC gaming, talent is huge. But the right mouse, keyboard, headset, and mic can give you an edge. When selecting gaming peripherals, balance performance against the look and feel of your system.

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When choosing a new monitor, note the resolutions and refresh rates. However, if you produce content or stream, consider a standard aspect ratio (16:9) screen. Widescreens can be problematic.

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CPU speeds and number of cores (both physical and virtual) matter when buying a new rig. But the amount of RAM and a quality GPU are safe bets for playing most games at their maximum settings

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the SSD and HYBRID advantage

An "SSD" (Solid-state Drive) or a "SSHD" (SSD/standard-drive hybrid) can dramatically improve the performance of your rig. Games load faster, and these drives have lower operational temperatures and faster on-the-fly data retrieval systems. SSHDs are typically less expensive. SSDs are ideal for gaming.