The HLLTC is not a clan. Though we do have a team, the HLLTC is a community-building organization that connects players to one another and to the online games we love through real friendship, training, competitions, and extraordinary team-play.


Though Hell Let Loose is our first love, we do have several organized groups playing a growing variety of other PC games. Drop by the HLLTC's official Discord server today to get in on the fun. 



Each game may have very different rules of conduct to play with HLLTC members.

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Join us in the official HLLTC forums. Find answers, share your gaming experience, learn basic and advanced techniques for creating amazing content, and much more. Your posts help the community we love grow.

The HLLTC forums are a well-moderated, safe space for like-minded enthusiasts.

Looking for high-quality thumbnails, pro in-game clips, video loops, in-game audio samples, etc? We've put together a growing library of great content, and it's all free. Let us help your team look amazing.



Dump media is free-to-use and may not be sold or distributed outside the HLLTC website.


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